To See The World In A Grain Of Sand

Ah, the proverbial first post. So important to write, since it’s the first thing readers..well read. So here I go. This blog is going to be a catch all of my musings about my muses. And I have a lot of muses. It will be a place for me to post my daydreams, wandering tangents, favorite quotes, poems, and whatnots. It’s a place to put down my writing of how I see the world in a grain of sand (deep isn’t it?) It’s a place where I can be me without the social stigma of trying to be me. It’s so hard to be yourself today. There’s all this pressure to be the someone everyone thinks you need and should be. Be pretty. Be smart. Be the stereotype. Be the whore. Well, frankly, I don’t give a damn. This is MY space. This is MY world. This Is Me.


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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