Why am I am the way I am.

There’s a quote, “I never wanted to be different; I just wanted to be me.” This used to be me. I used to sit in a corner and hide from everyone, too afraid of what they would say. Too afraid of their second face. The moment I figured out that being different was what I loved most, was the moment I stopped giving a damn about other people’s opinions of myself. Once you’ve been down the dark road of lonliness, going back isn’t an option. I learned to accept that loving to read an obsessive amount of books and writing poetry and loving to work hard and not loving to drink was ok. It was ok. And you know what? Reading helped me score a high score on my ACT’s. It will help me ace the GRE. It helped me excel in college. Writing poetry? Oh yeah…I’ve been published. Working hard? I can adapt to any situation on any level. Not loving to drink? Yeah, no DUI’s or minor’s on my record. Not to mention money in my pocket. So to all of you who snickered behind my back in high school. Or laughed at the way I looked. Or thought it was necessary to make me the outcast. Go f*ck yourselves. 

Alrighty, now on to more delightful things. I love movies. I think I could waste my life away watching movies (and reading of course). There’s something about a well made movies that causes you to feel the whole spectrum of the human emotion. Happy to sad to frustrated to silly to angry to anxious. I think I like movies, because they take our greatest dreams and portray them in a way we can’t ignore. Sure you can get up and leave the theatre, but there had to be a reaction to the movie to cause you to do so. Life is like a movie. All of our paths criss crossing and intertwining. How different they would be if we chose one insignifant option rather than the one we did choose. It’s full of actors, skits, rehearsed lines, improv, drama, humor, hurt, resilience….it’s beautiful. And the greatest thing is, is that we are the leading ladies/men of our own lives!  And I don’t know about you, but in my life screen play… I’m doing fine.

Delightfully fine.


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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