Worry: The Sunshine Bandit

Worry: The Sunshine Bandit

He’s back! This time he’s Worry: The Sunshine Bandit.

“Worry Never Robs Tomorrow of Its Sorrow, It Only Saps Today of Its Joy.”

Have you ever worried about something so much, it seemed like the world turned gray? Like there was film of gray dust or a layer of tinted plastic wrap around everything? Worry robs the world of it’s sunlight. It wraps itself around your brain and starts to squeeze, not allowing any positivity in-no matter how hard it comes knocking. It’s like a bad taste in your mouth and you can’t scrape it off your tongue. Sliding down your throat and planting itself in your tummy.

Why do we worry? It solves nothing. It takes us no where, and yet we worry about everything, all the damn time. I worry about inconsequential things. What if I mess up at work tomorrow? What if I forget my lunch? Why does my cat poop so much? What if I have a pimple? What if my boyfriend suddenly decides I’m a sucky kisser after two years? What if our sex life goes south? What if people can see my nose hairs? See? Stuff that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. But worry I do. I try not to sometimes….that doesn’t really go over so well. I end up worrying even more and mow down a bag of doritos and chocolate.

Maybe it’s the way our brain works through our problems or figures out all the different scenarios so that if one happens, we are prepared for it. Like worrying about a job. You go in for the interview, it goes really well, and then you sit and wait and wait and wait until you receive that phone call. In that waiting period your brain has already processed each possible situation. What will you do if you don’t get the job? What will happen if you DO get it? What will you do if they don’t call you by the time they said they would? Do you actually want the job? If you get it, what will the first day be like? Will everyone like you? Will you be challenged?

Worry is just a bunch of never ending questions. Instead of letting Worry: The Sunshine Bandit steal the light from me, I’m going to be prepared with a state of the art alarm system complete with ninja’s and Batman for backup.


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