Do you believe?


Such an interesting and hotly debated topic. Do they exist? If so, why can’t we all see them. What can they do? Why are they here?

I’m fascinated with the concept. I am obessed with the Ghost Hunters shows. I watch Paranormal State and any other ghost show. I watch each episode looking for the existence of ghosts. I get excited when I see a door close or when an EVP is caught.

It’s fascinating.

Nothing really happened to me in the terms of the paranoramal except for a couple of months ago. I don’t even know if it can be classified as paranormal. It could have just been my brain playing it’s quacky tricks on me.

But here’s my story.

I babysit two kids every Tuesday and Thursday night from 9pm to 2am. The kids fall asleep around 11pm and I try and get some sleep on the couch before the mom gets home at 2. One night I’m sleeping and it’s 1:3oam and all of a sudden I wake up in a panic thinking there is a man standing next to the wall by the TV directly in front of me. So I get up and blurrily look around (I need my second set of eyes to see) and shine my cell phone around to see if I can see anything. Not a thing. So I think, “ok…I must have been having a weird dream and just woke up with it lingering in the haze” and lay down again. Exactly 15 minutes later the little boy starts screaming his lungs out and flies out of his room. I bolt out of the couch having a heart attack because I think someone snuck in while I was sleeping and starting attacking him (even though the door is locked and I’m a terribly light sleeper this still made sense to me). I go over to him where he is cowering in the corner and ask what’s wrong. He’s crying to hard to talk so I pick him up and put him on the couch and turn on the TV to the Fuzzy Wubblies or some kid show. He quiets down enough to tell me he had a nightmare but didn’t want to tell me what it was about. So we sit there watching the Fuzzy Wubblies twinkle their toes until his mom comes home. I leave and forget about it.

Fast forward to next week.

Same day of the week.

1:30am. I wake up with my heart racing thinking there was someone standing next to the wall by the TV. Blurry eyes search. Cell phone shines. Nothing. Exactly 15 minutes later he starts screaming again. Now I’m getting a little concerned since this is the second time it has happened on the same exacty day of the week at the same exact time during the night. So I calm him down and get him a sippy cup full of warm milk and rock him back and forth while he cries and hiccups. He still didn’t want to tell me what the nightmare was but said it was the same one as last time. I relay this to him mom when she gets home and let her take over as I gather my things and quietly leave.

Fast forward one week.

Same day.

1:30am. I wake up. Freak the f*ck out. Slam my glasses on my face. Mutter f*ck you to whatever was standing there and turn on every single light there was to turn on. I wait and watch TV for 14 minutes and with one minute to go, I stand next to the little boys door. 30 seconds to go.

5.   4.   3.   2.   1.

He starts screaming. I fling the door open and get to him before he even knows what hits him. I didn’t see anything and after checking the room, I give him his sippy cup and tell him that he needs to tell me what his nightmare was about so that I can make it go away. Now this is the freaky part.

He says that he was dreaming that he was playing with his toys in his room and that all of sudden the lights went out and that he could see me sleeping on the couch but something went funny with his eyes and they were all blurry. Then he saw a tall man bend over me and turn his head to look at Ben. They weren’t nice eyes. He said the man was mean and then started to come into his room but he screamed to scare him away.

I nearly shit myself.

I didn’t know what to tell the mom without sounding like a quack job.

“Ummm…..sooo yeah, I think you’re apartment is haunted.”

I don’t think that would go over so well.

So she gets home and I wait for her to tuck the little boy into her bed and turn on some classical music to soothe him. She comes into the kitchen and I tell her exactly what’s been going on and what the little boy told me about his nightmare.

She goes white in the face (I literally saw all the color drop) and she said she would take care of it.

I don’t know what that woman did nor do I care but the next week when I was there on the same day of the week at the same time—-nothing happened.

So do I believe ghosts are real? Sure. Why not.

But even after this little “experience” of mine, I still need some cold hard proof (an EVP would suffice) to convince me fully.

What about you? Do YOU think they exist?


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2 Responses to Do you believe?

  1. halliwell95 says:

    Wow!, this is a very interesting story. I do believe ghosts exist. Go and check out my blog and read my experiences with the Ouija board. You know, sometimes spirits that have died stay in places they used to live in. Maybe that’s one of them. Good luck!.

  2. sparklebumps says:

    Fuzzy Wubblies would scare the shit outta me.

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