Painters Moon

Painter’s Moon

The moons lips
Bow over my
Bent knees
Her tongue
Darting between
The crevices
The youth
Melting off
My bones

The toothless grin
To suck
From the hollow
Below my spine
The arch
Waning into a
Silver spoon

Reaching down
To swirl her fingers
In Picasso’s paint
She colors dusk
A deepest
Setting it on fire
To eat her body

Embers crumble
As she bends
At the waist
Her bald head
Spooning the earth
“I wish
I had the hair
Spun of
Milk and gold”
She breathes
Into the mouth
Of a star.


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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2 Responses to Painters Moon

  1. What an incredible closing line. Wow. That image is so strong. I love it!

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