Shhh Listen

The path diverged

Shhh Listen…

I went for a walk
To where the road diverged
“Take the one less traveled by”
Clever Frost said to me

Left to right
My head did swivel
So down I sat
To sit and ponder

To take the one
Where shadows tip toe through
To steal
Kisses from the rain


To take the one
Courage slowly slips through
Unnoticed, unwatched

“Courage doesn’t always roar”
Quiet Mary-Ann whispered

Still I sat
To sit and ponder
Which way, which way

Travel the one
Smooth as glass
Like a cool marble
In the center of the tongue


Travel the one
Where beasts roar and bemoan
Tusks growing tusks

This I could not say

“The fears are paper tigers”
Sweet Amelia wrote to me
Her words folded upon one another

I said exasperated
Still unknowing which to choose

So there I sat
In silence
That grew and grew
Till I began to know

I knew, I knew
Exactly what I had to do

Stretching my toes
Thin and through
I took anchor
As dark resin flowed
Thick and true
Traveling down

There you shall find me
Between those two paths
Quietly singing

“Shhh Shhh”

And teaching those to listen

“The trees are those who write
With pens of shining green
And in all their tallness height
Catch the remnants of dreams unseen.”


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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