There is a hollow
In the redwood tree
Just small enough
To hold a dream
The edges are furled
Like the border
Of a yellowed
Treasure map
Peeled back
To show insides
Of grit and bite
Holding back
Tears of gold
That spill forth
In outstretched hands.

Inside is
Where you will find
Released from a jar
Stargazed wraiths
Floating along the walls
Building castles
On sighs of
Midnight air
And breathing
A soft glow
To comfort
Fireflies and wig worms
Buried beneath
Twilights cupped palm.

Deeper still
Are where the
Wishes dwell
They flit their wings
Cooing notes on
Dew drops and
Taking flight
Among rusted roots
Resting only
To drink from
The earths
Frothy brine.

At the end
The heart lies
In a nest of
Twigs and cotton fluffs
A luminescent gasp
In the dim lit wood
Straining to hear
The gentle
Thump thump
Along the willow strings
And into the


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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2 Responses to Vision

  1. nnicole says:

    This was visually delightful. I enjoyed reading it.

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