Negatron: How To Become An Optimist Prime

Staying positive is probably one of the most difficult internal struggles I suffer through.

I’m a complainer. I love to complain. It lets me get it off my chest and once I talk about it, I can work through the problem faster.

But no one likes a complainer. You drag people down when you constantly complain. No one wants to be around you.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I was going to be an Optimist Prime instead of a Negatron.

Being optimistic and positive has made me life incredibly brighter. I’m happier. I’m spunkier. I’m more me. And what do you know…most of those “problems” I complained about before started to disappear. It’s like being a Negatron constantly created problems just so I would have something to gripe about.

So the question is, how do you go from being a Negatron to an Optimist Prime?

Well dear friends, I will tell you.

#1: Smile

Nothing boosts your mood like smiling. It makes you feel good. It brightens the world around you. You begin to see the good in everything. That mold monster growing in your fridge? No problem. Nothing like a little baking soda and water to combat the hairy thing. Have a hot date but forgot to shave? Leggings! Leggings! Leggings!Your boss being a jerk? It’s ok, his cat just died…he’ll be a lonely old man before you know it. So go ahead and smile. The best part is….people will wonder why. 😀

#2: Realize Your Negative Thoughts

This seems way more easier than it really is. Believe me. It’s hard to change your thought process after so many many years of thinking like a Negatron. It took me a good 4 months before I started to think positive naturally. I had to dig down deep inside of myself to figure out why I was always complaining. What was causing all the complaints? Why was I so unhappy? What was I doing to change that? How could I change it? After these questions were answered, I started to change the answeres. I took my life pencil and rubbed out the negative ones and sharpened the other end to write in some new ones. A huge part of my negativity was the people I was surrounding myself with. At work, the people were always looking at the shadows in their lives, never the sunlight. That took a huge toll on me because I started seeing my own shadows everywhere I went. To get rid of this problem, I started to realize that this was THEIR problem and not mine. I started to recognize when I started having a negative thought and managed to turn it around into something positive. Old Thought: “Ugh, it’s Monday. Everyone is going to be crabby today.” New Thought: “It’s Monday! I get to drink my delicious coffee and listen to good music while I get some work done to start the week.” This is an ongoing process. A Negatron thought will every so often pop up before I realize it. It takes a while for me to catch it, but catch it I do. Then I shove it in a lead box and put it in a corner. No more Negatron Thoughts.

#3: Looking Positive

Look for the positive in EVERYTHING! No matter how dire and dismal it is. To start off, I had to train my brain to do this. I would look up news stories where the entire content was bad, bad, bad news. For example: A man in a neighboring town shot a man to death 10 times over an argument about drugs and money and then proceeded to set the house on fire to cover up the crime. He wasn’t sucessful. (Those firemen are speedy guys!) Where’s the positive in that? The man was caught. He will be in jail where hopefully he will receive the help he needs. The deceased man’s family will have closure.

It was hard to get into this practice because I had to really think about what I was reading or seeing or hearing. This has become especially important when I am talking with other people. I have a history of letting other peoples opinions affect my mood and outlook. I now take their opinion or comment and poke through the holes and layers to find the positive. If they are a mean spirited person, it knocks them off gaurd. You come out victorious and they are wondering what the hell smacked them in the face.

Optimist Prime. Optimist Prime smacked them in the face.

#4. Positive Practice

Now it’s time to compliment the hell out of yourself. I look AWESOME. I am the GREATEST. My butt looks SEXY in these jeans. My boobs are perky. I am the the BEST beer drinker. I am FABULOUS at my job. I am an AMAZING person. I look GOOD. Once you get into the habit of doing this, negative self perception will melt away. You will begin to feel better about yourself. You will gain amazing confidence which will carry itself in every aspect of your life. This is where you get to learn how to love yourself. Now, it’s ok if you don’t love everything about yourself right away. It’s going to take time. But remember that we all have positive attributes. We are all great at something, anything…everything. We just have to remind ourselves that we are AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC, FABULOUS people…

And then some.

#5: Optimist Prime Shares

Share your positivity. It makes you feel good. It makes others feel good. It makes everyone feel good. Sharing your happiness is one way to gain happiness. Ever feel that tug on your heart when you make a baby smile? Yeah, that’s the feeling you’ll get every time you convert someone to an Optimist Prime. Push that power button. Move forward and smile at someone when walking down the street. Call your mother or your bestest friend when you know they’ve had a shitty day. Pick them up. You’ve got Optimist Prime arms now…stronger than Superman (he’s a wimp).

There you go. 5 steps to go from a Negatron to an Optimist Prime. If I can do it (and I’m a lazy one), I think you can do it to. Besides, Optimist Prime is way cooler than Negatron.


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  1. sparklebumps says:

    Sparkly people don’t have shadows….

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