Why I love “New Girl”











I love love love love the show New Girl.

I’m in love with the character, Jess.

She’s goofy, she’s bubbly, she’s awesome.

I love how she just randomly sings and doesn’t give a hoot about what other people think of it.

My favorite part of the show so far was last Tuesdays episode with the wedding.

Jess was pretending to be Nick’s girlfriend at the wedding to make Nick’s ex jealous.

The whole time, they kept telling her to “not be herself” and leave her fake hillbilly teeth at home and wear tight underwear to make her thighs look smaller.

Jess didn’t really like that, but she went along to be a good friend to Nick.

Well by not being herself, things became worse for the guys at the wedding.

Nick was heartbroken (again) when he found out his ex had a boyfriend and was just flirting with him the whole evening (Jess became too occupied trying to be someone else to be a good decoy).

Schmidt lost the chance to be with the girl of his dreams because Jess “threatened” her in the bathroom (you’d have to see the episode).

And Winston was upstaged by a little boy in the dancing ring when he tried to use Jess as a dance prop and was left to boredom.

Once everything started to fall apart, Jess stood up and said something along the lines of:

Screw you guys, I like being me. I like to have fun at weddings and be silly. I’m going to be myself whether you like it or not.

And she popped in those hillybilly fake teeth and proceeded to have fun at the wedding…and being herself.

At the end, the guys realized that Jess was perfect the way she was and they all went on the dance floor and did the slow Chicken Dance (super funny).

It was a GREAT episode about being yourself and loving it, even when others are embarrassed by you.

When you try to be someone you’re not, the world gets out of whack and things go wrong.

You’re not supposed to be anyone but you.

But why is this so difficult for some people? Maybe it’s like what happened in Jess’s case. She wanted so badly to help her friends, she was willing to  give up her identity in the process.

I strive to be like Jess. To say F*ck it and be myself. Screw everyone who doesn’t like it.

This is why I love this show. It’s all about accepting the weirdness in yourself (everyone has it) and loving it. It’s funny, it’s compassionate, it’s heartfelt.

I think we all have something to learn from Jess.

So lets go!

I’ll bring the fake hillbilly teeth….



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