If you’re tired and you know it…

Good Thursday Everyone,

I am tired.

It’s that time of the week where everyone is running around with their heads cut off trying to get everything done before Friday.

Friday is the day where we get to relax and wear jeans (yay!). So the more you get done on Thursday, the more time you have to sluff off on Friday.

Buuuuut this really sucks when you are tired. I just want to curl up on the couch in my comfy clothes, snuggle with a blankie, and watch a movie.

I really don’t want to answer the phone. I really don’t want to answer my E-mail. I really don’t want to talk to you about your invoices and orders and blah blah blah.

Maybe I need coffee. Hmm…Starbucks is just down the street. Even though they are not as good as Caribou, they will have to do.

I hate being tired. It’s like my brain is in an eternal fog, trying to claw it’s way out into the sunshine.

My eyelids are heavy. I probably look like a half drugged hooker.

My body is tired. I’m pretty sure I resemble a sloth on its worse lazy day-Going round with sloooooowww moving arms munching slooowly on leaves.

Why am I so tired today you ask?

My. Stupid. Cat.

I sincerely believe it is her life goal to annoy the hell out of me.

So I go to bed around 10 last night and at 11 she is meowing and meowing and meowing and scratching and scratching and scratching at the bedroom door.

Usually if I ignore her long enough, she goes away.

Not last night.

She sat out there and meowed and meowed and meowed for a good half hour while I was laying in bed with my blood pressure rising.

I get up. Fling open the door. And the little shit runs away.

She thinks it’s a game.

I’m not playing.

I grab the water bottle, which is what I use for behavioral control, and go after her.

There I was at 11:30 at night in my undies and nightie flat on my belly trying to squirt her under the couch.

This is one devishly smart kitty cat (when she wants to be).

She would wait for me to squish myself as far as I could under the couch and then run out as fast as she could.

Well I was done with that.

So I crawled back in bed.

Not more than ten minutes had passed and Meow, Meow, Meow.

I swear I was capable of kitty murder.

Fling open the door and she just sits there looking up at me and lets out a little meow.

Ok, ok, I admit, I melted a little bit.

She’s too damn cute to stay mad at for very long.

I figure she’s either lonely or hot for a hunky male kitty cat.

I still place my bets on #2.

So I decide to camp out on the couch for a few hours in hopes that she would quiet down.

Not. A. Peep.

For the rest of the night.

And this is the very real reason as to why I am so tired on a Thursday.

Well, it’s coffee coffee coffee time.

Here’s to hoping I don’t fall asleep while drinking it!



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6 Responses to If you’re tired and you know it…

  1. Now that was funny! Gotta love them animals of ours. They definitely break the monotony.

    • I agree completely! I read about your son and I am so very sorry. =( We had to put our puppy down last month as well. She had tumors and was in a lot of pain. It’s a tough loss. I know I still expect to hear the barking every now and then. The devil kitty cat helps a bit though! Although sometimes she acts more like a dog than a feline. 😉 I’m betting you have quite a few stories as well!

      • Yes I do. We lost Sully, but still have our five year old, Chihuahua, ‘Hound Dog’, and five out-door cats that think they’re supposed to be indoor kitties to keep us busy. Tomorrow we go to look at yellow Lab puppies. My husband doesn’t want to get a Pit and then find himself comparing the pup to Sully, so we’re taking it in a different direction. I hope he finds what he needs. He’s really lost without his buddy.

      • How did the puppy search go?!

  2. We found one! He’s soooo cute. You’ll have to go on my blog and check out today’s post to see his pics. He’s just adorable. Funny though, I’d forgotten how demanding they are, and am just burning the candle at both ends trying to keep up with him. It’s been a while since I had to train a puppy, and this one is a terror!

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