Well what the hell…

I. Feel. Like. Crap.

Slept like a rock last night.

Didn’t move from the spot I fell asleep in.

Ass end sticking out.

Head buried under the blanket.

Arms criss crossing this way and that.

Knees bent.

Toes pointed.

What a beauty.


Woke up with eyes throbbing and throat thick.

I managed to glare at my alarm clock for so rudely interrupting my sleep.

What the hell was so important that it had to whine at me like a broken siren?

Oh yeah.


God. Damn. It.

So I blearily shut off the whine  and sloooowwly drag myself to the shower.

I wash myself on autopilot.

Reach to shut off the water before I jolted back into reality.


Did I wash my hair?

Ever have this happen?

It sucks.

I growl.

Damn. It. All. To. Hell.

I have two choices.

I could wash it again.


I could just say F it and hope I washed it.

I chose option #2.

Get out of shower and face the daunting task of choosing what to wear.

Screw heels today.

Threw on a pair of black skinny jeans (they can pass as dress pants right?) and some ruffly business shirt.

Good to go.

By this point I am soooooo tired that every time I blink, my eyelids stay shut for 2 seconds.

Makes putting on makeup a very big challenge.

After I get all gooped up, it’s time for hair.

My arms are so tired that I sit on the toilet seat to blow dry it.

Go me.

By now I’m running 5 minutes behind.

I throw on underarm smelly stuff and a spritz of perfume and out the door I go.


I forgot my cell phone.

Run back in.

Grab the damn thing.

And get outside.

It rained last night.

And froze.

Took another three minutes to scrape it all off.

What a difference 7 minutes makes.

Traffic sucked donkey balls.

I came up with some very creative swear words.

Get to work.

Very crabby.

Walk in and a coworker says, Good Morning.

Usually I reply all bright and delightful and chirpy like with a Gooooood Morning!

Not today.


Is all he got.

Repeat  for another two coworkers.

Get to my desk.

Punch in.

And slam my head on the desk.

I am not ready for this today.

Underneath my desk is all dark and is starting to look veeeerrrryyy cozy.

I conclude….

That I need to go home and cuddle something.


About delightfulness

One sweet, quirky, delightful individual I am.
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