I’m not sure if all of you have heard of the “Personhood” effort that was shot down in Mississippi yesterday.

The supporters of “Personhood” want to make abortions illegal.

But wait.

They do not want to stop there.

They want to make birthcontrol, the morning after pill, and IUD’s illegal.

I will agree with Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights who said the initiatives represent an “extreme, dangerous and direct assault” on abortion rights.

Damn straight it is.

I understand the abortion debate.

Some see it as killing an innocent life.

Other’s see it as a choice.

I prefer to have a choice.

I do not live in a communist country.

The choice belongs to me as a woman.

I do however, see how abortion can be wrong.

A woman gets pregnant irresponsibily three or four times and thinks abortion is the easy way out.

Instead of acting like an adult and taking responsibility for her actions, she is takes the less complicated route.

Us children who went through this as young misses and lads know exactly how this turns out.

Not very well.

The repercussions are always bigger than what we had prepared for.

But then we can look at why abortion is a feasible option for some women.

Let’s say I get pregnant.

Being a diabetic, I have huge risks involved.

Not to mention miscarriages run in my family.

Things go smoothly for a while, but then the complications begin.

The doctor determines that if I were to keep this baby, I would lose my life.

So what do I choose?

To carry the baby and hope to God I make it far enough for him or her to live…


Terminate the pregnancy.

Save my life.

And explore further options for having children.

See where I’m going with this…

I am in no way saying this is an easy choice.

I have no idea if I would be able to make that decision if it happened to occur.

I do know that if I did decide to terminate, that emotional scar would be with me for the rest of my life.

I am not the kind of person to get over things easily.

Hell, I still carry grudges from Kindergarten.

Not healthy, I know.

But I can’t help it.

Then there is the issue of rape.

I have never been raped.

Or sexually assaulted.

But having a friend who has, I have seen first hand the destructive aftermath.

I cannot think about what would have happened if a pregnancy were to have resulted.

I do think I would have lost a friend…

This is a decision that should be solely the woman’s.

No, it is not the fault of the child’s.

But it was not the woman’s choice to be sexually assaulted.

Again, it all comes down to choice.

Now on to the issue that makes me even more hot under the collar.

Making birthcontrol, the morning after pill, and IUD’s illegal.

Excuse me?!

Ok, so not only are you trying to take away my right to decide to have a baby or not, you are taking away the tools to prevent this choice from happening.

Birth control is MY GOD DAMN RIGHT.

If I do not want to be pregnant, for my own personal reasons, I should be able to utilize birth control to make this possible.

What makes you think you know better about my personal choices than I do?

So, you say you want to make abortion illegal hmm?

But yet, you want to make the morning after pill illegal?

Wait, wait, wait.

Let me get this straight.

So people are going to have sex.

It’s hard wired into our chemical makeup.

And we can make sex as safe as possible using condoms (which for some reason isn’t on the list of “illegal contraband”).

But as we all know.

Life isn’t perfect.

Mistakes and imperfections happen.

That condom may fail.

And the “oh shit” sequence begins.

Instead of spending a month working myself into a frenzy and stressing out about how I’m going to be able to support myself and another being, I have the choice to take a small blue pill.

This pill stops my little egg from traveling down my fallopian tube.

It does not harm me or the egg.

It does not “terminate” a “pregnancy”.

It just helps it become less likely.

If fertilization has already occured and the egg has attatched itself to my uterus, the pill is ineffective.

Another component of birth control is helping women with ovarian cysts, or abnormal periods.

What will become of these women if birth control is made illegal.

Ovarian cysts are painful.

They grow on the fallopian tubes and if they become severe enough, they burst.

Can you imagine having something burst inside of your abdomen?

It’s painful.

You double over in immense pain.

And it’s never ending.

It also causes scarring.

Making the possibility of having children very difficult.

So, you are taking away a medication that would make childbirth possible for thousands of women..

The very same thing you are advocating for.


Back the fuck off.

And try and get your facts straight before you try and make my choices illegal.

Thank so much.



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  1. Michael says:

    Nice thoughts in this post. !!!

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