Just A Small Rant

Ok, this may be more than a “small” rant.

I am royally pissed off.

I had a meeting with an Aflac insurance lady today for my new job.

After giving me a bunch of brochures, she asks the dreaded “pre-existing” question.

God damn it.

I do know that a lot of insurance companies deny people coverage if they have a “pre-existing” condition.

What I didn’t understand fully was why and how disgusting these policies are.

Fucking money.

Makes every good human instinct turn into a sick black mass of evil.

So they want me to pay them $40 a month ($20 out of every paycheck) so that they can cover me… but only if I’m pregnant (apparently my progeny will help them prosper in some way or another).

But if I happen to have a seizure because of my diabetes, or need a leg amputated, they don’t give a shit.

45 states are allowing this to happen.

I went online and did a little research.

And the more I read…

The more I became pissed off.

First off…


I repeat.


States make it legal for insurers to reject applicants who are survivors of domestic violence, citing the history of domestic violence as a pre-existing condition (DC , Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming).


Domestic Violence.

A pre-existing condition.

I wonder if citizens in these states know about this so-called “policy”.

Time to start sending hate mail.


And whomever came up with that policy should be put smack dab in the middle of a domestic violence situation.

See for themselves the damage violence does to these women and how much help they and their children need.

Insurance companies are also allowed to do “rescissions”. What this means is that let’s say I fill out my health questionnaire 4 months before I am diagnosed with cancer.

The insurance company can go back to my questionnaire and deem it invalid because I “falsified” information on it by stating I had no previous conditions.

Then promptly kick me off their policy.


This stuff makes me so angry,  I can’t even form a full sentence.

In the last three years, over 20,000 rescissions were put into effect, saving the insurance companies over 300 million dollars that instead had to come out of our pockets-even when we thought we were covered.

And it goes further. One major insurance company based their employee reviews on how much that employee saved the company based on rescissions.


So of course it’s my fault that I have a hereditary disease that has no cure.

Of course it’s my fault I need insulin to survive.

Of course it’s my fault that the cost of insulin is so high that I cannot afford it without insurance.

Of course it makes sense that you would make more money off me if I died.

I’m just an inconvenience to them.

Well let me help.

Beware imbecile insurance companies, I will find you.

I will be sending you an email once a day stating how idiotic I think your policies are (thank god for Mailing Lists).

I will be blasting you on twitter, Facebook, google +, and any and every social media site I can get my hands on.

I will be telling the world how evil and unjust and greedy you are.

I will be writing the television stations telling them of said evils…they do great investigative stories.

If I get pissed off enough, I may just call your offices until I reach a higher being and asked them why they feel that domestic violence is a “pre-existing” condition or why my death would benefit them.

No, I will not stop calling.

I’m one persistent bitch when I want to be.

I will be enlisting the help of any organization, company, politician, person, plant, or animal that will help me become…

The. Biggest. Pain. In. Your. Ass.

Inconvenience that bitches.


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8 Responses to Just A Small Rant

  1. sparklebumps says:

    You are totally amazing. Fuckerhead insurance companies!

  2. brotheramun says:

    There is definitely no question to which side of the fence you stand on. I applaud your persistence to stick it to the insurance companies that are sticking it to the people. I totally agree with the silliness of their perceptions of domestic violence in comparison to the terms of pre-existing conditions. These MF’ers are freaking loony tunes and what is worst is those who don’t fully investigate the terms of these companies end up being rescinded and out of money and coverage. This is freaking disgusting.

  3. boheme4ever says:

    I am brand new to WordPress (my blog is private ’cause I’m trying to figure everything out still) and this is my first comment on anyone’s blog here. Being Canadian, I find it appalling at what insurance companies get away with in the U.S. And I am flabbergasted that so many in the U.S. are frightened of universal health care when I read about stories like yours. I hope with every ounce of my being that we in Canada never go the route of U.S. healthcare. I also hope that you and others do whatever you can to advertise this lunacy to any and all. I’m sickened that the insurance companies say domestic violence is a “pre-existing” condition. I’m sharing your post with friends and colleagues, but being from Canada I doubt our voices will have any impact on U.S. insurance policy makers.

    Keep up the fight!

    • Oh you never know…if enough people start protesting, eventually someone will notice, no matter where the voices are from. =) I love Canada, such a beautiful country! And the restaurants are so creative! I wrote a review for one where you eat completely in the dark. No cell phones or glow in the dark apparatuses allowed. The US isn’t awesome enough for those sorts of things…well not yet anyways, ha.

  4. boheme4ever says:

    I’ve eaten at the restaurant you describe – at least, the one in Montreal – called O Noir. What I also liked was that the owners’ intentions are to give employment to the visually impaired; and for the patrons to experience a tiny bit of what it’s like to be without sight. It actually took me a good 30 minutes before I felt comfortable, and I’m not afraid of the dark or anything, but I was totally unsettled by the complete absence of light. After awhile, however, everyone at the table seemed to simultaneously adjust and focus on the tastes and sounds.

    Anyway, this is way off topic. I will spread the word about your insurance company experience for sure.

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