More Matthew Gray Gubler…

Ok, I have to share this.

His website is awesome (or rather awesomesauce as BrainRants would say, ha).

Here is it for you to view:

Click on the webpage tab and prepare for the onslaught of awesomeness.

His art is fricken awesome.

It’s different.



And the best part is that it is all in water-color.

How freaking awesome is that.

Seriously, how many people do you know that bust out their water-color set?

His directing is also kickass. Anyone see the episode of Criminal Minds where Prentiss decides she has to leave the team in order to protect them?

Yeah, he directed that episode.


He has also directed a few music videos.

You can find them on his website (don’t want to make things too easy for everyone haha).

He’s played a few parts in some independent films as well as a part in Life Aquatic.

Anyone else running to find their copy?

Matthew is the most sexiest man alive.

Not only is his art amazing, every penny he receives goes to a Charity.

And if you happen to read a bit down his webpage, you will see that his is a lover of the poem Annabel Lee and Bradbury.

Too bad he has a girlfriend.

Cause I’d stalk him.

For realsies.


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2 Responses to More Matthew Gray Gubler…

  1. sparklebumps says:

    I’m sorry, I must disagree with you. He is the 2nd sexiest man alive, because Chris Meloni is first. How silly of you to forget. 😉

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