Dear Spiders:

Dear Spiders Of The World:

I would like to negotiate a deal.

You stop biting me, and I will stop squishing you.

Please place your response in the web at the corner of the broom closet and bathroom door.




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8 Responses to Dear Spiders:

  1. Java Girl says:

    On behalf of all spiders (I love tarantulas), I apologize. I will do my best to make a deal with them. As you may know, they are busy right now with winter coming. But if need be, I will squish them for you if they bother you too much. Try cleaning the areas with water and some bleach after you brush them off. The smell of the bleach will keep them away. That’s what I hear from a spider spy. Or if you want to go more natural, use eucalyptus, mint oil and lemon scents to repel spiders.
    Seal any cracks around the doors where you find them. Hope this helps!

    • brotheramun says:

      Wow Java Girl…thanks for those tips. I am going to try them when it heats up again, that is way better than using toxic repellent.

    • Mmm, I think I will try the Eucalyptus, mint oil, or lemon thingy. I think those would smell better than bleach 😉 I may have to call in the apartment exterminator to seal my cracks…hopefully he’s better with a caulking gun than I am! Thank the spider spy ( :] ) for these tips. I am allergic to spider bites so these tips will hopefully put me on the road to becoming bite free. They seriously love my blood. I can wake up with 4 to 5 bites and the BF is completely fine. Let’s hope this deal goes through so there will be less squishing from all of us!

  2. agitatedangler says:

    You could also try appeasing to the spider god Anansi, but that’s a long shot…

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