Proud Novia

Exciting News!

Exciting News!

Read all about it!

Free of charge!

The BF has been contracted to make a custom Desmond Bishop Skateboard!

The back story:

This summer one of my bestest friends asked the BF to make a Desmond Bishop skateboard for her boyfriend, Ben.

Now Ben is the hugest Desmond Bishop/Green Bay Packers fan in the entire world.

He has an entire room filled with Packers stuff.

An. Entire. Room.

And he’s really into skateboarding (even has a tat to show for it).

So this was really a perfect birthday present for the kid.

Now the BF had made a Cookie Monster one for an art show a month prior.

It did very well.

Came in second as the highest bid skateboard.

Number one was from Scotty Munster who is a nation wide known Tattoo artist who resides here in St. Cloud, MN.

So my bestest came up with the idea for my BF to make her one.

Cept replace the Cookie Monster with Ben’s most favorite Packers player.


The skateboard was born.

Well Ben loved the skateboard.

And I’m seriously understating the loved part.

Ben pasted a picture of the board all over Facebook and Twitter for  two weeks straight.

Since Ben is the hugest Packers fan alive, he is on a first name basis with Mr. Bishop.

He receives signed memorabilia.

Plays Madden with him.

Tweets the Twitter with him.

And naturally is affiliated with anyone close enough to breathe on Mr. Bishop.

Including Mr. Bishop’s girlfriend.

Who just happened to come across the board this week.

And she contacted Ben to see if my BF could make her one so that it may hang proudly and prominently in her and Mr. Bishop’s house.


I was excited.

I jumped on Facebook and immediately updated my status blubbering about how proud I was and etc, etc, etc…

Ben saw the status and said that the girlfriend has asked him three times about the board since yesterday….

Because she absolutely positively loves it.


My BF is now designing “Swag” (at least that’s what I think it’s called. I don’t know, I’m old.)

And I am the proudest Novia on the planet.


I’m beaming so hard my cheeks hurt.



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4 Responses to Proud Novia

  1. brotheramun says:

    Congrats to you both.

  2. sparklebumps says:

    Isn’t it so fun to be dating a star? But I guess, I wouldn’t know… 🙂

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