Move Over Magneto-The Idiots Are In Town

Ok, one thing that absolutely drives me nuts in a work setting is when people expect you to read their minds.

I am not Magneto dipwads.

Get two of these people together and you’ve got a highway cluster ****.

Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a cranky Delightfulness today that this irks me even more than usual.

I was all warm and snug as a bug in my bed this morning when my alarm went off.

I set it 10 minutes before I actually have to get up.

I hit the snooze and snuggled in again.

Then my kitty decides to be all cute and climb in bed with me.

She curled herself in a ball next to my stomach and fell asleep– purring.

This was absolute heaven.

Because she never ever cuddles with me.

I think it was because the BF had to go to work early and it was just me and the big ol’ bed.

No matter, when the alarm went off again ten minutes later…

The grumpy face came out.   

I reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy didn’t want to get out of bed.

I reeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy didn’t want to go out in the cold.

And I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy didn’t want to go to work.


Then I had to put up with the stupid drivers and arrived at work a whole 5 minutes early.

Woe is me.

Well once everyone arrived and settled in, one of my coworkers, we will call her GD, went into the Big Man’s office and they talked about something for a few minutes.

She comes and sits back down and then I hear Big Man say, “Have Delightful do it.”

So I ask, “Do what?”

This is the way the conversation went from there:

Big Man: “People go online and click on it.”

GD: “E-mails.”

Big Man: “Just takes one to ruin it.”

GD: “E and G have been getting them too.”

Big Man: “This is why. No one else knows their Emails.”

GD: “Some people.”

Big Man: “So Delightful take them off. Avoid all this mess.”

Me: Eyes bulging out slightly with my head whipping back and forth.

Phone rings.

I answer.

Get off.

Think about their conversation a little bit.

Then say outloud to whomever: “The Website?”

Big Man: “Yeah. It’s for the best.”

Now my powers of deduction assumed they were talking about the staff Emails that are listed on the company website (perfectly located below our lovely mugshots).

So I go and take them off.

Just as I finish, the Big Man comes in again.

Big Man: “Did J?”

2 minute pause.

Me: “What?”

Big Man: “Talk to you about the Excel sheets?”

Me: “No.”

Big Man: “Oh. Well he will.”

Then he leaves.

Now my irritation level is slowly progressing from strained neck, to teeth gritting, to squinty twitching eye, to flat out hair pulling.

J comes in and explains very poorly to me what it is he would like me to do.

Ok, I don’t have a problem helping people, but J gets on my nerves.

He is in his late 20’s and doesn’t know how to use Please and Thank You.

It’s like babysitting a 3 year old.

Now he was soooooo bored one day that he came up with this brilliant idea to catalog all of our sales from the last three years.

Then organize all that data into spreadsheets.

What dipshit J didn’t realize was the amount of work this is.

We sell a lot of product.

A. Freaking. Lot.

So here I was stuck doing his work.

Once again.

J is one of those types that has it easy because he expects everyone to do everything for him.

Nah ah.

Not gonna happen.

Yes, I will organize it for you.

After that, you’re on your own buddy.

Maybe I’ll just do the Magneto thing…

Stop time.


But wait…

I’m will still be hhheeeerrreeee.

Inside your head.



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2 Responses to Move Over Magneto-The Idiots Are In Town

  1. Ellis Tyd says:

    Ah, the wonderful world of IT and Web Design. Someday, someone will get the Unix kill user command to work. Until then we can only dream.

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