Hell Night

So aptly named…

Last night was indeed Hell Night.

So as my previous post had mentioned, I was not looking forward to working last night.

And 15 minutes before I had to go in, I had a mini life crisis.

I spontaneously started bawling and blubbering.

I have been hiding a lot of stress from everyone.

Ever since losing my job, I have been worried about my money situation.

And after four job offers and accepting three of them, I’m still not making enough to survive with all of my bills.

I haven’t talked to MammaK about it because I know that she will just say to stick it out and everything will be fine.

No, it won’t be.

I can’t really talk to the BF about it because well….he’s in the same situation.

Sometimes even worse.

He has way too many bills and is not able to help with any of the extra ones I have been paying.

Plus the fact that I basically spent three years of my life and thousands of dollars for a degree that doesn’t mean shit is very depressing.

Instead of working at a publishing house or a magazine or a PR firm, I am stuck working for minimum wage at three separate jobs.

Yes, I know I am complaining.

Yes, I know there are people who are worse off than me.

And yes I know this is only temporary.

But this is my blog and dammit I will complain if I want to.

So adding all of this to the fact that I was tired and unhappy yesterday afternoon did not make for a good concoction.

Well I suck it up and went to work.

It was pleasantly slow for the first couple of hours.

Then as dinner time approached it picked up a little bit.

For some unknown reason, the manager sent the other server home.

Leaving me, all alone, on my second night ever of serving.

Now I am a very high-strung person when it comes to work.

If I am unsure of what to do, I stress out about it.

Last night, I was stressed out to my breaking point.

After the other server went home, it got fucking busy.

I have never served before, so I’m slow and I’m forgetful when I have too many tables.

Complicating the matters is that I am without an apron to hold all of my shit.

So I’m constantly running back to grab my notepad and pen because I have nowhere to stick it when delivering pizzas and sodas.

This is very irritating.

And the tables are numbered backwards to me.

I count from me to the back wall A1, A2, A3 and so forth.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll, apparently the Pizza Gods didn’t want to make my life any easier so they decided to switch it.

So then I got all confuzzled with my orders.

I finally said fuck it and just did it the way that made sense to me.

Now, not only was I serving by myself, I had to close by myself.

They said the other manager there knew what all to do and would help.

Well it’s kind of hard to get help when there are deliveries to be made and cut and boxed.

I felt like an annoyance asking her questions when I knew she was already busy and stressed out as well.

I didn’t get out of there until 11:15 and that’s without mopping and making boxes and folding coloring sheets.

She finally let me go after making me feel like an idiot because I didn’t quite know what the checklist meant by “door glass”.

That means you need to spray and wipe the glass on the entry doors.

Duh, Delightfulness, Duh.

I get home.

The BF was asleep on the couch.

He wakes up and asks me if I’m ok.

I say no and promptly begin to bawl my eyes out again.

I get out of my icky uniform and crawl next to him.

He’s smoothing my hair back and rubbing my shoulders and asks what he can do.

I hiccup.


Yes, at midnight, we went out to the grocery store to get me some emergency cupcakes.

And let me tell you,

They. Were. Divine.

I am really hoping today is better.

At least I get to have Sparklebumps there with me.

Which is a whole 100% better already.

Because she’s awesome.

Thank god for small favors.

And tomorrow…

I’m going to get me a whole tub of ice-cream…

With sprinkles.


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8 Responses to Hell Night

  1. Java Girl says:

    I just finished eating a cupcake, but I am still a little down. I hope you have better, brighter and nicer days.

  2. Hope things improve for you soon. I know it sucks when you have a degree that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere…but sooner or later you’ll get your break and then you’ll appreciate it all the more for the hard times you had to face to get there. Just keep swimming..just keep swimming…

  3. The “just keep swimming” is a Finding Nemo quote….as in when things get tough, just keep going. I graduated last summer, and after around 90+ job applications I’m finally about to start my first “proper” job. I know how tough it is, and can really sympathise with having to do jobs you hate just to struggle through with paying bills.
    Your time to shine will come! And in the meantime, keep eating cupcakes!

    • I know. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies. =) I’m glad you have found your “proper” job. The process of getting there really is a bitch isn’t it? I’m double crossing my fingers for grad school. If I’m accepted, my life can finally start going in the right direction. And darn tootin I will be eating cupcakes the whole damn way!

  4. ssarjoo says:

    Awww! I actually felt your stress and frustration. But I have to agree, cupcakes are like mini doses of happiness. Everything always seems a tad better after I’ve had a cupcake and a cup of tea 🙂 Hope your day has been much better.

    • Vanilla frosted cupcake with a warm cup of chai tea is absolute heaven. =) Today has been amazing. My bad day of the month just reared it’s ugly head the other day. I am a tough cookie and will persevere. =)

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