Snotty Syndrome

I promise I will post my Vegas adventures…

But first I must go on a little rant.

So with my new jobs…I am around children all day.

And I have noticed a little syndrome popping up.

The Snotty Syndrome.

It starts with parents…

Who think their children are perfect angels…

And who have no idea how to correctly discipline their prodige’s.

And this is the result:

Boy Prodige: “That’s MY toy. Give it to ME. NOW.”

Little Girl: “No, I’m playing with it.”


Boy Prodige: Screams and smacks the little girl.

And nothing you say to him makes a difference.

Then mommy dearest walks in.

Hugs Boy Prodige and tells him he will be okay.


How is he okay?

How is his behavior okay?

Another scenario:

Little Girl Who Does Not Speak English

She likes to take every other child’s toy.

She likes to hit when she doesn’t get her way.

She likes to scream her head off when you take away the toy she just stole.

She’s a bully.

I was sitting down and reading a Rugrats Christmas story book to another little girl.

Little Girl Who Does Not Speak English comes waddling over and tries taking the book from me.

I say, “No gracias” and hold on to the book.

Little Girl Who Does Not Speak English throws a royal hissy fit.

Tries hitting me and the other little girl.

Screaming at the top of her lungs.

So another volunteer takes her to the couch and holds her until she calms down.

Now repeat this scenario 20+ times in the course of 1 ahora.

I have never ever seen behavior this bad in a 2 and a 1/2 year old.

Her mom comes in and was told of her little princess’ behavior and this is what she said:

“Es una niña tan buena”


“You’re such a good little girl.”


I mean, really.

Come on now.

I understand you were pregnant at 18 and that you were in an abusive relationship…

But you are getting help now from the wonderful center.

Included in this help is parenting lessons.

Please for the sake of your daughter’s future and the safety of every other child …

Discipline your “little princess”.

Help her learn self-control.

Help her learn compassion.

For god’s sake help her learn that smashing other kids’ hands and faces is not okay.

You are setting her up for a future of loneliness and depression.

Firm but loving discipline when your child is acting like a 21-year-old rich bitch throwing a hissy fit when she just lost her Prada bag is the antidote to the

Snotty Syndrome.

Do your part people.

Stop the Snot.


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6 Responses to Snotty Syndrome

  1. Awesome post! Parents that don’t parent are a growing problem today. And bullies are raising bullies. I couldn’t do what you do. As it is I’m often heard asking “Why is it, again, that we can’t discipline other people’s children?”.

    I’ll buy a “Stop The Snot” bumper sticker when you start selling them.

    • Oh I have disciplined other people’s children….albeit they were threatening the child I was attending to and it was interesting to see the reaction on their faces ha! I will have to get right on those bumper stickers! Genius idea.

  2. Bryan Lewis says:

    Frickin’ punk ass parents, I cannot stand that mentality (brushing over a child’s bad behavior). I am one who does not play when it comes to my children “acting out”. They fear when an adult figure says “I am going to have to have a talk with your parents”, because they know some type of unwanted consequences is about to be their future.

    I refuse to let my children grow up to be the type you see on A&E’s program “Beyond Scared Straight”. lol

  3. runitjojo says:

    Ya these days some parents just are not doing a good job. I am not a parent myself, I can understand that it’s difficult, but come on do your thing – PARENT! I totally agree with you, the kids are going to grow into absolutely ridiculous adults. Even that image of that child on your post is annoying me now…so I’m going to leave now lol

  4. Java Girl says:

    Great post! A lot of the children learn their behaviors from home by what they hear and see. Hang in there!

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