Kids and Sneezes

Now that I’m working with kids 40 hours a week, I can fully expect to be sick 360 days out of the year.

I have only been at the daycare for a week and already have cold #1.

Parents with one or two or three kids seem to get run through the cold mill…

I have 20 or so munchkins to run around after…

That’s 20 uncovered coughs…

20 free spraying sneezes…

40 saliva covered fingers…

Aaaaalll going up my nose and down my throat.

It’s ok though.

In return I get to play restaurant with awesome plastic spaghetti and meatballs and eggs and toast and cabbage…

Cuddle fluffy bunnies and cuddly teddy bears…

Feed baby dolls “asparagus” and “goop”…

And dance to the toddietot.

” thuuuummbbss up. Elbows in. Bottom up. Tongue out. Eyeths shuth. Do the tothhie danthe. ” (don’t forget to wiggle what your momma gave you! Seriously otherwise the munchkins will push you down the garbage shoot…)

And inbetween each wiggle and shake you’ll hear an ACHOO! or COUGH COUGH!

And feel those little germy particles floating down your throat laughing maniacally aaaallll the way down.


My inner child is a smarty pants.

I’ve got my own arsenal of hand sanitizer and germ blocking tissues and vitamins…

So watch out you little munchkin nosies…

I’m on to your little germs and boogies.

And you will snot win.



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4 Responses to Kids and Sneezes

  1. sparklebumps says:

    I’m buying you a year’s supply of EmergenC for your birthday…

  2. Monica says:

    Gesundheit! It sounds like you are great with kids. You should have all the immunities you need in about … how many years?

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