No I am not dead.

Howdy lovelies.

I apologize for being absent for many weeks now.

Life has just caught up with me.

Between work, family, love, and everything in-between I literally come home after work aaaaaaannnd lay on the couch and do nothing.

So once again…I apologize and hope that you forgive me!

So onto a new post!

Does anyone else do most of their deep thinking in the car?

It seems to be the place where I have my most enlightening thoughts or realizations.

Like tonight.

I have been car shopping since my Lothorio is about to drink the draught of death =(

I would like to own a burnt orange Cobalt if possible and this dream led me and the Boyfriend down to Fridley this afternoon.

The Boyfriend’s mom also happens to live in Fridley so after looking at said car (much too expensive for the condition of the car) we decided to invite her out to a movie.

The natural selection of choice was The Hunger Games.

Now if you haven’t read the series before seeing the movie…shame on you.

Nothing can compare to the way the story was originally meant to be told.

Movies can only capture so much of what you are intended to feel.

Now this being said…

Fuck You Hollywood.

You plant these little seeds of longing into our hearts that can never be realized.

For instance…


There is a moment in the movie where Katniss has to convince the public that she loves Peeta.

Peeta has no inkling that Katniss is “supposedly” just acting.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about….Katniss really does fall in love with Peeta.

Anywho…so Peeta is laying in the cave bleeding from a very nasty leg wound when he looks at Katniss with all the love he holds for her in his eyes.

And she’s looking right back at him…


I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the Boyfriend like that.

All serious with my googly eyes and stuff.

And I don’t think I’ve ever darted my eyes back and forth before going in for a soul changing kiss.

And I was fine with that…

Before this damn movie.

On the way home (it’s about an hour or so drive) I kept thinking about it.

And the more I thought about it the more depressed I became.

Hollywood glamorizes love so that we grow to have unrealistic expectations about it.

Now girls are waiting impatiently for the sparkling milky white vampire to bite their necks or for a childhood crush to profess their love for them just to save their lives.

Or! For two ridiculously handsome men to be in love with them at the same time and come to hate each other over the competition only to have one of them leave with a bitter broken heart.


Whatever happened to hand holding and canoodling and growing old together?

Now my girly senses aren’t so far off that I don’t long for this kind of love.

I do.

I seemingly can’t help it.

I will probably always long for it.

The difference is…is that I realize the difference between fantasy and reality.

Cause what I have with the Boyfriend is pretty damn amazing.

He makes me laugh.

He makes me feel sexy.

He actually listens to me. (most of the time)

And he does this all without using  “googly eyes” .

That’s love to me.

So again Fuck You Hollywood.

And one more thing….



Pisses people off.

No matter how amazing the rest of the movie is.



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1 Response to No I am not dead.

  1. sparklebumps says:

    Yes, my problem is that I forget Hollywood love isn’t real. That pisses my Rockstar off.

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